The Hybrid - Premium Case For iPhone

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Imagine an iPhone case that gets you as many compliments as your new iPhone... 

Introducing The Hybrid - Premium Slim Case For iPhone That's Turning Heads Everywhere.

Preserve the look and feel of your new iPhone with all-around defense. The Hybrid is made of a rigid but light material that ensures everyday scratch and drop resistance & advanced heat absorption technology. The Hybrid is also 100% compatible with wireless charging. You can also stop worrying about putting your new iPhone face-up or face-down on a table. It's carefully designed it to include a lip that surrounds the whole screen as well as camera. And it does it in style by adding color to reflect your personality. 

Being laser-cut, it gives you perfect access to your iPhone's buttons and ports, unlike bulkier cases where using the buttons becomes almost impossible!

Keep in mind, our cases are meant to last and won't turn yellow like most of the ones you can find locally.

Unlike other cases, The Hybrid - Premium Slim Case provides you with all the protection you need.

Choose from 5 different colors currently available and have your iPhone stand-out, all while being fully protected.

This beauty of a case keeps your iPhone's minimal sleek style yet protects it as it should. Say bye-bye to bulky and unattractive cases today!

Customer Reviews

Based on 62 reviews

Light, great texture, excellent fit. One of the best cases I have purchased to date :)


I already had some semi-hardcover on my smartphone, where again and again the typical places around the volume keys are broken and which looked ugly after a few weeks. Now with this cover everything is no longer a problem. Protects as it should, looks good and seems to be really durable.


I am very enthusiastic about the case. After two years with the original Apple Silicon case, it was time for a new one. However, I did not want to spend more than 60 usd for a case, so I decided to buy a cheap version. For most cases, the problem is that they do not fit exactly, or they dislodge very quickly. I did not notice that in this case. The phone is very good in the hand with the case and it is not as "sticky" as the silicone case of Apple. For the price you can only express an absolute buy recommendation.


My old case was slightly transparent and made of thin plastic. This case is in no way inferior to the old one! It lies very grippy in the hand and encloses the iPhone completely. Also on the sides it is well protected. The case ends exactly at the transition from the metal frame to the glass, so that it merges directly with the black display. The sensitivity of the push buttons is almost unchanged. (I know that from the case that my girlfriend uses differently.) This case has already convinced me, because the iPhone retains its noble look and you can still see the apple. If you are looking for a simple, high-quality case that is grippy and PERFECTLY fits the iPhone will find it here. Clear Buy recommendation!


I have been using this case for a month now for my iphone xr and am more than happy to have found this treasure in the mobile jungle.
The advantages in detail:
+ Extremely precise fit with precise cutouts - in this form I only know the Apple Leather Case. + Very pleasant pressure points on the volume and the on / off switch. + Top Design: Visually a visual treat. My work colleagues were enthusiastic.
+ Flexible, but not too soft. The daily shaking and the effects are mitigated. Of course, it's a sleek case that will not save your phone from a meter-long fall.
+Leaves no fingerprints.
Actually, I am very satisfied and have nothing to complain about at the moment.


Cool thanks